The moment your skin changed forever…..
When Dermalogica meets the skin, skin health is refined. Dermalogica is
the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide.
All Facials include Face-mapping and a hand massage.

For the client wanting pure benefits without relaxation! Unlike an express facial, each Dermalogica MicroZone treatment is designed to address a single, specific skin issue. In addition to being instant problem solvers, these brief, intensive sessions offer a stop-gap measure between regular maintenance appointments.
20 mins ..... €30

Signature Facial
This treatment is an absolute breakthrough in skin care as each step is customised by your skin therapist. Through unique face mapping we can target all skin concerns for outstanding results.
1 hour 30 mins ..... €80

Express Facial
Healthy skin does not require a lot of time! This treatment is a mini version of our signature facial. Great to book in between Signature Facial
appointments, or for those who want a quick, refreshed look.
30 mins ….. €35

AgeSmart Facial
Give your skin a revitialising power boost with this treatment, designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize while controlling the biological triggers that lead to skin aging. This is an effective therapy for prematurely aging, mature or de-vitalized skin.
1 hour 15 mins ..... €70

Ultra Hydrating Facial
This intense Hydrating Facial will ward off the harsh environmental damage, will reduce redness, improve hydration, and increase elasticity of your skin. This treatment is recommended even for those with oily skin who might be experiencing seasonal dehydration.
1 hour ..... €60

Ultra Calming Facial
This contains an exclusive complex, clinically proven to control inflammatory pathways, helping to dramatically reduce redness & sooth irritation.
1 hour ..... €60

Hot Stone Facial
Enjoy our original Signature Facial with the use of heated volcanic stones to massage the face, neck and shoulders to promote deep relaxation of the body and mind.
1 hour 30 mins ..... €90

Acne Treatment
This treatment is perfect for breakout-prone skin that has recently broken out due to stress, hormones or environmental factors. This is not only a purifying treatment, but also a calming treatment which makes it excellent for those with Rosacea.
1 hour ..... €60

Back Treatment
A facial for your back! This treatment is perfect for those experiencing breakouts or congestion on the back area. Includes exfoliation and a relaxing back massage to ease tension, followed by a deep absorbent mask leaving your skin feeling refreshed and purified.
1 hour ..... €60

Add on to any facial 1 hour or more…

Eyebrow shape ..... €6
Hydrating eye treatment ..... €10
Firming eye treatment ..... €10
MultiVitamin Hand treatment ..... €15
Foot Massage ..... €15
Back Massage ..... €20


Tension Massage
Working on the neck, shoulder & back, this massage helps to soothe tight muscles & relieve the build-up of tension nodules.
30 mins ..... €30
20 mins ..... €25

Swedish Massage
This ancient massage technique will ease tired muscles, relieve tension & improve circulation, while bringing relaxation & balance to the mind.
1 hour ..... €55

Hot Stone Massage
Luxury, heated volcanic stones are used to massage your body. The heat helps to promote a medatative and calm state, while muscle tension melts away.
Full Body: 90 mins ..... €85 | Back: 30 minutes .... €35

Warm Oil Ritual
Experience the heating effects of Aromatherapy in a deeply relaxing and restorative massage that is tailored to your individual needs using selected Essential Oils. Recapture your senses for a complete sense of wellbeing.
Full Body 1 hour ..... €60
Back ..... €35

Oatmeal Body Scrub
A Colloidal Oatmeal and Tapioca-based powder, enriched with Papain, to gently exfoliate, polish and smooth the body. An ultra-rich body cream then smothers to leave a silky finish. Recommended for even the most sensitive of skin conditions.
30 mins ….. €40

Mineral Body Scrub
A Unique sea-salt scrub that creates an aromatic, stress-reducing body scrub. The skin is then cocooned with moisturizer, tailored to your shin type. Recommended for all skin conditions.
30 mins ….. €40

Jasmine & Lavender Float
This treatment is excellent for those with trouble sleeping. The body is enveloped with a heated Jasmine and Lavender Luxury Oil and a special massage technique is used to completely relax the body and mind from head to toe.
1 hour ….. €60

Spray Tan
Half body ..... €15
Full body ..... €30
*After care for tan:
- Do not shower for at least 8 hours after tanning.
- Avoid contact with water during this time.
- Do not touch, rub or scratch the skin while the tan is developing.
- Wear loose, dark clothes and open toed shoes.
- After fully showering and every day after, moisturise the skin well.


Nail file & Paint
15 mins ….. €14

Nail Shape & Paint
20 mins ….. €18

For the maintenance of beautiful hands. This treatment includes soak, exfoliation, cuticle work, massage, file, buff & polish.
40 mins ….. €30

Signature Manicure
For hands needing that extra TLC, sit back and enjoy a unique experience for those over worked hands. Hands are deeply exfoliated and wrapped in a warm luxury butter wrap and immersed into heated mitts, nail grooming and cuticle work is carried out followed by a hand and arm massage. Nails are then crowned with your favourite colour or French Finish.
1 hour ….. €50

Nail Art
Why not add something a little different? Just add €10 to any Hand Treatment to stand out from the rest.

Gel Nail Extensions
Plain set ..... €50
Plain refill ..... €40
French Finish ..... €60
French Refill ..... €50
1 Nail Refill ..... €10
Gel Removal ..... €20
Gel Removal inc. Manicure ..... €45

Occasional Nails
Occasional nails ..... €20
Occasional nails including paint ..... €25
Removal ..... €10

Little Darling Manicure
File, buff polish and a choice of nail polish to take home.
15 mins ..... €18

Shellac Nails
Shellac paints on like a polish, with a base coat, colour or French finish and top coat. It is cured under UV light for zero dry time! The colours are hypo-allergenic and free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. The colour offers approximately 14 days of high gloss shine and is removed in around 10 minutes! The Shellac formula is thin and flexible like polish, so, it not only looks natural, but it provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping even durning the most rigorous activities.
30 mins....€30 (or €10 to upgrade any manicure)


Toenail file & Paint
15 mins ..... €14

Toenail Shape & Paint
20 mins ..... €18

Mini Pedicure
For the maintenance of beautiful feet with limited time! This includes exfoliation, nail grooming, cuticle work, file, buff and polish.
35 mins ..... €30

Signature Pedicure
This unique therapeutic ritual starts by immersing those tired feet into an aroma foot spa. This is followed by a deep exfoliation and removal of hard skin. Your feet are then wrapped in a warm luxury butter wrap and left to soothe in heated booties. Heated aroma oils are then used to massage the feet and legs. All nail grooming and cuticle work is carried out and your toes are crowned with your favourite colour or French Finish.
1 hour ..... €50

Gel overlay…..

Babydoll Toes
You pick from a selection of sparkling colours with a gel overlay. Ideal for any occasion to let those toes shine.
30 mins ..... €30

French Finish
A longer lasting French finish. Ideal for holidays as gel is chip free and lasts considerably longer than regular polish!
30 mins ..... €30

Little Darling Pedicure
File, buff polish and a choice of nail polish to take home.
15 mins ..... €18


For Lycon hot wax please add €5

Eyebrow ..... €10
Lip ..... €8
Chin ..... €10
Lip & Chin ..... €15
Eyebrow & Lip ..... €15
Eyebrow, lip & chin ..... €22
Full Face ..... €20
Naval line ..... €5
Bikini line ..... €14
Californian ..... €20
Brazilian ..... €35
Hollywood ..... €45
Half leg ..... €18
Half leg inc. Bikini ..... €28
Half leg inc. Californian ..... €35
Half leg inc. Brazilian ..... €45
Half leg inc. Hollywood ..... €60
Full leg ..... €35
Full leg inc. Bikini ..... €40
Full leg inc. Californian ..... €50
Full leg inc. Brazilian ..... €60
Full leg inc. Hollywood ..... €70
Underarm ..... €10
Arm ..... €15
Lower Back ..... €10
Back or Chest ..... €30 - €50
Extras ..... €5


Eye Treatments
Eyebrow shape ..... €10
Eyebrow tint ..... €8
Eyelash tint ..... €14
Eyebrow shape & tint ..... €15
Eyebrow & Eyelash tint ..... €18
Eye Combo (all three) ..... €22

Occasional False Eyelashes
Full set ..... €20
Half set ..... €15
Removal ..... €5

*24 hour patch test is required for tinting